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What GaiaConcact could do for you

GaiaContact assists, in close cooperation with the Government of Japan and its agencies (including Embassies/General Consulates in the region), Japanese corporations in all aspects of their market explorations overseas. It equally assists foreign companies in their exploring the markets in Japan in all phases.

In concrete terms, GaiaContact provides;

  • Business consulting
  • Advisory and consulting services
  • Researches on materials, products, services and partners
  • Supporting business/commercial negotiations
  • Researches on latest political/economic and market conditions
  • Researches on specific topics of business
  • Organizing seminars/symposium/speeches or any other events
  • Issuing periodicals updating members to the latest information

Business Flowchart

In order to make full use of consulting services, GaiaContact and its clients should have a close communication.

GaiaContact will study issues, problems and business environments to provide focused and most appropriate consulting servies based on its own networks and researches.

From Enquiry to concluding contract

Enquiry by email

Please inform GaiaContact of your profile and current issues/problems and what you would like to achieve.

Consultation by meetings

GaiaContact would meet with you to discuss details.
This consultation is free of charge.

Strategy and solutions

Based on the above meetings, and also on some basic researches, as appropriate,GaiaContact will construct a plan of action regarding possible meetings with relevant responsible persons in and out of the government and business communities, and provide a possible solutions to the problems facing the clients.

Strategy and solutions

GaiaContact will provide such a plan to the client and explain possible risks and advantages as well as feasibility. It will submit consulting fee to the client for its consideration and agreement for such a plan to be executed.

Flow chart of consulting services

Kick-off meeting

Both GaiaContact and the client should meet to discuss the agenda and the policies on the subject. In order to explore concrete measures to be taken, GaiaContact will undertake detailed hearing on the business environment and the issues involved of the client.
Both parties will discuss how to proceed on the project including its overall sketches as well as phases/ schedules so that both parties could share real time information.


Researches should begin to ascertain concrete measures needed to achieve the objective of the project, or action plan, including pinpointing personalities involved, studying market environment.


GaiaContact will present the research outcome and the strategy to tackle the project. Upon the consent of the client, the actions plan will be put into practice.


With the progress in hand, both parties will share real time information to grasp the change, and they will take necessary measures and adjustments.