Achievements and Records

GaiaContact has provided focused and comprehensive briefings and consulting services to the companies who set out to explore market opportunities in Turkey and many other Middle East and South/East Asian nations in such fields as construction, electronic manufactured goods, aerospace, insurance, banking and finances, real estates and health and medical services.

It has also provided research materials and information in these fields.

It has helped to set up meetings with Cabinet ministers and other VIPs in the foreign countries and assisted Japanese management in negotiations with counterparts in such counties.

Equally for the foreign companies in the region, it has helped to explore business opportunities in Japan through setting up meetings, providing information and consulting services. It has an edge and advantages, in particular, in connecting foreign business with the Japanese Government and its agencies through established networks.

Meetings / events and projects


After the pandemic, works have come back to the business as usual. This year saw a bit different activity such as TV appearance in the highly viewed debating forum, participation in War Game in the light of current situation in Ukraine and Taiwan region. Evidently, consulting works are under way to prepare Japanese corporations including MSEs to do venture business with Turkish company , as well as helping Turkish drone manufacturing firms to present themselves in the defense circles in Japan.

On the manpower front, collaboration with supervising organization was made for GaiaContact to engage in TITP so that foreign workers would be able to come to Japan and stay longer under SSW scheme as well in a more seamless manner.


In an extraordinary situation of rapidly expanding COVID19 pandemic, GaiaContact has focused on the supply of all medical/healthcare equipment including Ventilators, masks, protective gears to those countries in dire need of such products.

Concluded an agreement with manpower agency in Viet Nam to enable workers to come and work in Japan under the Specified Skilled Worker systm.


 Conducted a pre-feasibility study in Turkey about the mega infrastructure projects; Metro railway in Konya,  Istanbul Transportation networks including yet-planned Sabiha Gokcen airport to Altunizade railway,  Three layered tunnel under the Bospherous, Essenbor-city center metro in Ankara. The study covered all aspects of the projects including feasibility, financing, political background.

Started manpower business under the newly legislated system of ‘Specified Skilled Worker’ and concluded an agreement with manpower dispatch agency in Pakistan to recruit and receive workers from that country.


Series of meetings in Pakistan including the one with Prime Minister Imran Khan, an old friend, where  possible hospital/clinic establishment in Islamabad/ Lahore and the possible GOJ/ JICA cooperation were discussed. 


  • 2017.11.28
    Lunch/ Mr. Murat Mercan, new Turkish Ambassador to Japan
  • 2017.11.8
    ADB Symposium on PPP
  • 2017.11.4
    Coffee with Ambassador Gunter Sleeuwagen, Belgium Ambassador to Japan
  • 2017.11.2
    Commentator at TV4 on President Trump’s visit
  • 2017.10.18
    Dinner at Ambassador of Pakistan, Mr. Asad Khan,
  • 2017.10.11
    Wine dinner by APA Group owner, Mr. Motoya
  • 2017.9.26
    Speech on Business strategy on Turkey (JOSA)
  • 2017.9.1
    Lunch to honor Theresa May, British Prime Minister (UK Ambassador’s residence)
  • 2017.8.22
    Meeting with Mr. Ando, President of Japan Foundation
  • 2017.8.7
    Lunch with Ambassador Miyajima, to Turkey
  • 2017.8.7
    Call on Ambassador of Pakistan Asad Majid Khan
  • 2017.8.2
    Meeting with Vice Foreign Minister, Mr. Sugiyama
  • 2017.6.30
    Meeting with Pakistan’s Speaker, Mr. Sardar Ayaz Saddik
  • 2017.6.19
    General Assembly of Japan Middle East Medical Association
  • 2017.6.8
    Meeting with Prof. Monte Cassim, Senior Advisor to Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister
  • 2017.5.24-27
    OIST Board of Councillors
  • 2017.5.22
    Call on Mr. Gunter Sleeuwagen, Belgium Ambassador to Japan
  • 2017.5.15
    Birthday celebration of former Prime Minister Nakasone
  • 2017.4.25
    Gazette Interview by Goikenban
  • 2017.4.14
    Dinner by Ambassador Meric of Turkey
  • 2017.4.4
    Reception by Japan Arab League Friendship Association
  • 2017.3.29
    Call on Dr. von Verthern , Ambassador of Germany
  • 2017.3.26
    Symposium, Societe Franco-Japonaise des Etudes Orientales
  • 2017.3.19
    Farewell Dinner by Farrukh Amil, Ambassador of Pakistan
  • 2017.3.15
    Reception by Foreign Minister Kishida for Asia Ambassadors’ Meeting
  • 2017.2.17
    Farewell to Italian Ambassador Domenico Georgi
  • 2017.1.24
    CSIS Seminar
  • 2017.1.19
    Lunch with Mr. Takamizawa, Permanent Representative to Disarmament Commission in Geneva
  • 2017.1.6
    Lecture at Graduate Research Institute of Policy Studies


  • 2016.12.10
    Meeting with Kursad Tuzmen, Former Turkish Minister for Economy and Trade (Anakara)
  • 2016.12.10
    Lunch with Yusuf Kanli, columnist (Ankara)
  • 2016.12.9
    Meeting with Agar Kafkas, Former Deputy Health Minister of Turkey (Ankara)
  • 2016.12.5
    Meeting with Mr. Sugiyama, Vice Foreign Minister
  • 2016.11.30
    Middle East Institute of Japan Reception
  • 2016.11.29
    Foreign Minister Kishida’s Reception
  • 2016.11.29
    Meeting with Mr. Zamir Akram, Special Envoy of Pakistan’s Prime Minister
  • 2016.11.28
    Meeting with Ms Defne Sadklar, Member of Atlantic Council
  • 2016.11.15
    Symposium by CGP/Japan Foundation
  • 2016.11.7
    Japan Kazakhstan Joint Business Meeting
  • 2016.10.28
    Lunch/Dinner with Mr. Umeda, Ambassador to Viet Nam
  • 2016.10.25
    Call on Mr. Koshikawa, Deputy President of JICA
  • 2016.10.21
    Speech for business leaders in Tochigi
  • 2016.10.18
    Praemium Imperiale Dinner/Award Ceremony
  • 2016.9.13
    Lunch with Ambassador to the UN, Mr. Yoshikawa
  • 2016.8.25-29
    TICAD (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • 2016.8.23
    Meeting with Mr. Pierre Mayaudon, EU Ambassador to Bangladesh
  • 2016.8.16
    Lunch with Ambassador Meric of Turkey
  • 2016.7.27
    Meeting with Ambassador Katsumata to Turkmenistan
  • 2016.6.18
    Dinner by Indian Minister, Mr. Sharma
  • 2016.6.14
    General Assembly of Japan Middle East Medical Association
  • 2016.6.10
    Meeting with Mr. Erman Ilcak, chairman of Ronesans, Turkey (Ankara)
  • 2016.6.10
    Meeting with Tasin Yazar, Legal Advisor to Turkish Energy Minister (Ankara)
  • 2016.6.10
    Lunch with Ambassador Oka( Anakara)
  • 2016.6.9
    Meeting with Mr. Hasegawa, Advisor to Prime Minister Abe (Istanbul)
  • 2016.6.9
    Meeting with Mr. Ahmed Arslan, Turkish Minister for Transportation and Communication (Istanbul)
  • 2016.6.8
    Meeting with Agar Kafkas, former Turkish Deputy Health Minister (Ankara)
  • 2016.6.8
    Lunch with Yusuf Kanli, columnist (Ankara)
  • 2016.6.8
    Meeting with Zefar Aytekin, Assistant Deputy Minister for Energy of Turkey (Anakara)
  • 2016.6.7
    Meeting with Prof. Hussein Bagcu, Middle Eastern Techinical University (Anakra)
  • 2016.6.7
    Meeting with Ali Ozdogan, President of Marriot Hotel (Ankara)
  • 2016.6.7
    Lunch with Serkan Demirtas, Columnist (Ankara)
  • 2016.6.6
    Meeting with Murat Mercan, Turkish Ambassador to be in Japan, former Energy Minister of Turkey (Ankara)
  • 2016.6.2
    Lunch with Mr. Yamamoto, SRSG to Afghanistan/ Mr. Matsuura, former UNESCO Director-General
  • 2016.5.23
    Meeting with Mr. Honda, Advisor to Prime Minister Abe
  • 2016.5.17-19
    OIST Board of Councillors (Okinawa)
  • 2016.4.27
    visit to Fonjala Winery (Vaud, Switzerland)
  • 2016.4.19
    Dinner with Ms Kaji, Ambassador, Permanent Mission of Japan (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • 2016.4.4
    Lunch with Mr. Kuwabara, Managing Director, Bank of Japan
  • 2016.3.29
    Lunch/ Ambassador Oka to Turkey
  • 2016.3.25
    Dinner/ Ambassador Kurai to Pakistan
  • 2016.3.24
    Dinner / Ambassador Amir of Pakistan
  • 2016.3.8
    Lunch/ Mr. Itoh, JICA Managing Director
  • 2016.2.25
    Lunch/ Murat Mercan, former Chairman, Foreign Relations Committee, Turkish Parliament
  • 2016.2.23
    Lunch/ Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon, EU Ambassador to Bangladesh
  • 2016.2.22
    reception by Foreign Minister Kishida
  • 2016.1.22
    Seminar by Prof. Henry Nau
  • 2016.1.20
    Dinner / Ambassador Ruth Kahanoff of Israel
  • 2016.1.8
    Lunch/ SRSG Ambassador Yamamoto of Afganistan, former DG of UNESCO Ambassador Matsuura


  • 2015.12.10
    Lunch/Dinner / Ambassador at large of Kazakhstan, Bagdad Amrayev
  • 2015.12.10
    Lecture at Rikkyo University
  • 2015.12.7
    Meeting / Vice Foreign Minister Saiki
  • 2017.12.1
    Speech by Mr. Shiozaki, Minister for Health and Labor
  • 2015.11.27
    Dinner / Mr. and Mrs. Serdarhey, Hungarian Ambassador to Japan
  • 2015.11.17
    F&W Seminar (Ankara)
  • 2015.11.16
    Meeting with Mr. Aytekin, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy, Turkey (Ankara)
  • 2015.11.16
    Lunch/ Yusuf Kanli, Columnist(Ankara)
  • 2015.11.16
    Meeting / Sermet Atacanli, former Ambassador to Japan(Ankara)
  • 2015.11.14
    Opening of Japanese Garden by Prime Minister Abe (Istanbul)
  • 2015.11.14
    Japan-Turkey Business Forum (Istanbul)
  • 2015.11.13
    Lunch / Erman Ilcak, Chairman, Ronesans(Istanbul)
  • 2015.11.12
    Meeting/ Kursad Tuzmen, former Minister for Trade and Economy (Ankara)
  • 2015.11.12
    Meeting/ Ayup Gumus, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health (Anakara)
  • 2015.10.23~26
    Visit to Kazakhstan, Almaty
  • 2015.10.21
    Praemium Imperiale Dinner/Award Ceremony
  • 2015.10.17
    Speech given at Japan-Turkey Association (Osaka)
  • 2015.10.16
    Dinner/ Mr. and Ms. Paul Fivat, former Ambassador of Switzerland to Japan
  • 2015.10.7
    Meeting/ Mr. Zeybekci, Economic and Trade Minister, Turkey
  • 2015.10.8
    Honorary Degree Award Ceremony for President Erdogan (Waseda University)
  • 2015.9.17
    Meeting/ Ambassador Meric of Turkey
  • 2015.9.8
    Lunch/ Ambassador Kobayashi to Iran
  • 2015.7.28
    Reception by Foreign Minister Kishida
  • 2015.7.16
    Meetings/ Hirofumi Nakasone, Keizo Takemi, Shigeru Tanaka, House of Councillors
  • 2015.7.3
    Speech given to Urayasu Citizen’s Lecture
  • 2015.6.29
    Meeting/ Sadako Ogata, former JICA President
  • 2015.6.12
    Lunch / Erman Ilcak, Chairman, Ronesans
  • 2015.6.12
    Meeting/ Hakan Ozman, President, Gama
  • 2015.5.29
    Visit to Milan Expo
  • 2015.5.26
    Meeting/ Ambassador Maeda to Switzerland (Bern)
  • 2015.5.20
    Meeting/ Prof. Husseyn Bagci, METU( Ankara)
  • 2015.5.20
    Lunch / Serkan Demirtas, Columnist (Ankara)
  • 2015.5.20
    Meeting/ Ahmed Arslan, Minister for Transportation and Communication, Turkey(Ankara)
  • 2015.5.19
    Meeting/ Yildiz, Minister for Energy, Turkey(Ankara)
  • 2015.5.19
    Meeting/ Kursad Tuzmen, former Minister for Economy and Trade(Ankara)
  • 2015.5.19
    Meeting/ Ali Ozdogan, President, Marriot Hotel group (Ankara)
  • 2015.4.22
    Meeting / ASELSAN (Ankara)
  • 2015.4.21
    Meetings / FNSS/ROKETSAN/VESTEL/RS (Ankara)
  • 2015.4.17
    Lecture given at GRIPS (Roppongi)
  • 2015.4.13
    Meeting/ Aytekin, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Energy, Turkey (Ankara)
  • 2015.4.13
    Lunch/ Yusuf Kanli, Columnist (Ankara)
  • 2015.3.18
    Speech/ Prof. Zhu Kien Ei
  • 2015.2.26
    Meeting/ Mr. Simsek, Finance Minister , Turkey
  • 2015.2.4
    Meeting/ Foreign and Defense Committee members, Parkistan National Parliament
  • 2015.1.14
    Dinner/ Isak Dar, Finance Minister, Pakistan


  • 2014.12.27
    Dinner/ Ambassador and Mrs. Meric
  • 2014.12.19
    Dinner/ Defense Industry People
    Meeting/ Mr. Saiki, Vice Foreign Minister
  • 2014.11.30
    Lecture at Tokyo University
  • 2014.11.26
    Lecture at St. Paul’s University
  • 2014.11.21
    Memorial to ex US Ambassador Foley (Iikura House)
  • 2014.11.14
    Meeting/ Deputy Mr. Ahmed Arslan(Ankara)
  • 2014.11.14
    Lunch/ Serkan Demirtas, Columnist(Ankara)
  • 2014.11.12
    Meeting/ ex Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Agar kafkas(Ankara)
  • 2014.11.11
    Meeting/Ambassador Yokoi to Turkey(Ankara)
  • 2014.11.11
    Meeting/Mr. Kandemir, Turkish Deputy Health Minister(Ankara)
  • 2014.11.11
    Meeting/ Mr. Muezzinoglu, Turkish Health Minister(Ankara)
  • 2014.11.11
    Meeting/ ex Minister of Trade and Economy, Mr. Tuzmen(Ankara)
  • 2014.11.5
    Dinner/ Ambassador and Mrs Meric of Turkey
  • 2014.11.1
    Dinner/ K. Kimura, President, Northern California US-Japan Association, and ex Ambassador Yanai to the US
  • 2014.10.21
    Speech by Mr. Hyland, US Embassy Minister
  • 2014.10.16
    Meeting/ Ms.Ogata ex JICA President, ex UNHCR
  • 2014.10.15
    Praemium Imperiale Dinner/Award Ceremony
  • 2014.10.1
    Lunch/ Ambassador Yoshikawa to the UN
  • 2014.9.28-30
    Pakistan International Working Group by Century Foundation (NY)
  • 2014.9.19
    Lecture at Urayasu Citizen’s Symposium
  • 2014.9.11
    Lunch/ Ambassador Malcinec, of Croatia
  • 2014.9.3
    Meeting / Ambassador Kilch of Luxembourg
  • 2014.9.2
    Lunch/ Ambassador Amil of Pakistan
  • 2014.8.27
    Meeting / Mr. Hasegawa, Advisor to PM Abe
  • 2014.8.26
    Farewell to Mr. Schweisgut, EU Ambassador to Japan
  • 2014.8.15
    Meeting/ Bullent Meric, Turkish Ambassador to Japan
  • 2014.8.8
    Interview by Nikkei BS (Tokyo)
  • 2014.7.14
    Meeting with Mr. Kato, Deputy Chief of Cabinet of Japan)
  • 2014.7.10
    Meeting with Mr. Bozkurt, Chairman of Hidromek (Ankara)
  • 2014.7.7
    Meeting with Mr. Ozman, Chairman of GAMA (Ankara)
  • 2014.7.4
    Meeting with Mr. Serihov, Azeli Deputy Prime Minister (Baku)
  • 2014.6.30
    Meeting with Dr. Muezzingolu, Turkish Health Minister-Ankara)
  • 2014.6.12
    Assuming a Board Member of Japan/Middle East Medical Association)
  • 2014.6.10
    Reception by Mr. Kishida, Foreign Minister (Iikura House)
  • 2014.5.27
    Reception by Mr. Hichens, British Ambassador to Japan
  • 2014.5.16
    Lunch with Dr. Mayaudon, EU Ambassador to Bangladesh (Tokyo)
  • 2014.5.15
    Meeting with Dr. Meric, Turkish Ambassador to Japan)
  • 2014.5.15
    China Finance Research Society Seminar (Tokyo)
  • 2014.5.14
    Dinner by Dr. Navaro, Spanish Ambassador to Japan)
  • 2014.4.3
    Speech at Civil Engineering Society of Japan
  • 2014.3.20
    Farewell reception for Mr. Kilic, Turkish Ambassador to Japan (Tokyo)
  • 2014.3.11
    Meeting with Belgium Ambassador Liebalt (Tokyo)
  • 2014.3.3
    Uzbekistan Forum (Tokyo)
  • 2014.2.26
    Attend Reception by Mr. Kishida, Foreign Minister (Iikura House)
  • 2014.2.20
    Meeting with Turkish UnderSecretary for Energy, Mr. Kilc)
  • 2014.2.20
    Meeting with Mr. Arslan, Deputy of Turkish General Assembly (Ankara)
  • 2014.2.18
    Meeting with Turkish Health Minister, Dr. Muezzingolu (Ankara)
  • 2014.2.3
    Meeting with Turkish Deputy Under Secretary for Energy, Mr. Aytekin (Ankara)
  • 2014.1.31
    Meeting with Turkish Former Economic Minister, Dr. Tuzmen (Ankara)
  • 2014.1.31
    Meeting with Turkish Deputy Health Minister, Kafkas (Ankara)
  • 2014.1.24
    Lecture at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)(Tokyo)
  • 2014.1.8
    Talks with Turkish Minister for Defense, Mr. Yilmaz
  • 2014.1.8
    Talks with Turkish Minister for EU Affairs, Mr. Cavusugolu
  • 2014.1.7
    Luncheon hosted by Keidanren for Prime Minister Erdogan
  • 2014.1.7
    Attend Speech by Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan
  • 2014.1.6
    Meeting with Turkish Minister for Energy and Natural Resources Mr. Yilmaz
  • 2014.1.6
    Meeting with Turkish Minister for Transportation and Communication Mr. Elvan


  • 2013.12.9
    Meeting with Archbishop Chennoth, Vatican Ambassador
  • 2013.12.5
    Hussein Askary’s seminar on the Middle East
    Talks with Mr. Saiki, Vice-Minister for Foregin Affairs
  • 2013.11.27
    Meeting with Turkish Ambassador Mr. Kilic
  • 2013.11.27
    Luncheon to welcome US ambassador Caroline Kennedy
  • 2013.10.29
    Marmaray Project Opening hosted by Turkish PM Erdogan and attended by Japanese PM Abe(Istanbul)
  • 2013.10.4
    Japan-Turkey Joint Economic Forum hosted by Keidanren(Tokyo)
  • 2013.9.20
    Teach Inn at Urayasu City on Islam and Japan
  • 2013.9.17
    Talks with Kursad Tuzmen, former Turkish Economic Minister(Ankara)
  • 2013.9.16
    Talks with Kafkas, Deputy Minister for Health of Turkey(Ankara)
  • 2013.9.13
    Talks with Tuncay Ozilhan, Anadoglu Group Chairman(Istanbul)
  • 2013.9.12
    Signing Ceremony hosted by PM Erdogan on Hospital Campus Projects in Turkey(Istanbul)
  • 2013.9.12
    Talks with Izzet Galih, Alarko Vice Chairman(Istanbul)
  • 2013.9.10
    TV show program on Turkey by Nippon TV(Tokyo)
  • 2013.9.8
    Talks with Ahmed Calik, Calik Holding Chairman(Tokyo)
  • 2013.8.28
    Japan-Qatar Business Forum(Qatar)
    Accompany PM Abe for Doha new Airport preview(Qatar)
  • 2013.7.1
    Fairwell Dinner for US Ambassador Roos(Tokyo)
  • 2013.6.28
    Dinner with Pakistan Ambassador Mr. Amil(Tokyo)
  • 2013.6.19
    Swiss/Luxemburg/Austria Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo
  • 2013.6.5
    Dinner with Sri Lankan Ambassador Mr. Srinagoda(Tokyo)
  • 2013.6.5
    Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • 2013.05.11
    Head of Japan’s Observer Mission to Pakistan’s general election(Pakistan)
  • 2013.03.08
    Speech at Japan-Turkey Friendship Association in Kashiwazaki City
  • 2013.03.05
    Interview on Business in Turkey by Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ Bank’s periodical.
  • 2013.02.20
    International Working Group on Pakistan by Century Foundation in NY
  • 2013.01.29
    Speech on Turkey sponsored by Japan Productivity Center
  • 2013.01.23
    Talks by the International Working Group on Pakistan with Jinnarh Institute scholars (Islamabad)


  • 2012.12.09
    Talks on Business in China at Cannon Global Strategic Institute
  • 2012.12.07
    Speech on the Business in Turkey sponsored by Japan Turkey Cultural Association
  • 2012.12.03
    Talks with Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  • 2012.10.17
    Talks with Mr. Akdag, Turkish Health Minister (Tokyo)
  • 2012.10.10
    Talks with Mr. Akdag, Turkish Health Minister (Ankara)
  • 2012.08.07
    Talks with Pakistani Ambassador to Japan
  • 2012.07.31
    Talks with Pakistani Parliamentary Secretary (Tokyo)
  • 2012.07.20
    Breakfast meeting with Mr. Carlayan, Turkish Economic Minister organized by Keidanren
  • 2012.07.09
    Interview by the Turkish newspaper, Zaman
  • 2012.06.01
    Business Forum organized by India Center
  • 2012.05.28
    Japan-Thailand Joint Economic Committee organized by Keidanren
  • 2012.05.10
    Breakfast meeting with Mr. Ergin, Turkish Science, Technology and Industry Minister organized by Keidanren
  • 2012.05.09
    Talks with Austria-Switzerland Joint Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo
  • 2012.04.27
    Luncheon for ASEAN Economic Ministers organized by Keidanren
  • 2012.04.20
    Luncheon for the Summit Meeting of 5 Mekong River Nations organized by Keidanren
  • 2012.03.16
    Speech on Business on Turkey in ASG/ Taiyo Symposium
  • 2012.03.29
    Reception by the Minister for Foreign Affairs for Ambassadors’ meeting


  • 2011.11.10
    Speech on Turkish role in the world sponsored by Middle East Research Center
  • 2011.10.12
    Talks with Mr. Sherpao, Pakistani ex Interior Minister (Tokyo)
  • 2011.08.18
    Talks with Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistani Foreign Minister (Islamabad)
  • 2011.03.07
    Speech at Foreign Ministry’s Alumni Association


  • 2010.05.06
    Bahcesehir University Global Leadership Forum
  • 2010.11.11
    JETRO Seminar on Green Energy at Bilkent Hotel, Ankara
  • 2010.11.25
    Japan Turkey Business Forum
  • 2010.12.03
    Turkish Japanese Foundation Seminar on Economic and Technology cooperation


  • 2009.03.27
    UCLA/Governement of Turkey Seminar on Middle East Peace (Istanbul)
  • 2009.04.09
    Gov. of Turkey and Spain on Alliance of Civilization in Istanbul
  • 2009.05.03-05.06
    Doha Forum by Government of Qatar and UCLA
  • 2009.05.18
    Af Pak Aid Meeting by Holbrook in Istanbul
  • 2009.07.23-25
    Seminar on Middle East by Gov. of Greece and UCLA in Athens

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